Episode Five: Virtute gets philosophical about the nature of life


Today, after three tough days in which our pipes were frozen and we were out of water, Virtute sat contemplatively on my bed after lapping a ramekin filled with cool water. He then turned to me and said, “We are all just made of water, aren’t we? And yet, without water being replenished into our physical bodies, we simply can’t survive. I just don’t understand how people don’t see the fluidity that permeates our lives and the world around us”. He then proceeded to fall asleep, listless and torpid, but somewhat revitalized. We are all happy to have water again.

Episode Four: Virtute talks priorities


Today, Virtute continues to insist that I stop transcribing these interviews for my Ph.D. and start thinking about the fact that it’s only 58 days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training. He’s apparently planning on being the starting shortstop this year, and his regimen of chasing grounders, jumping up in the air unexpectedly, and sliding across the floor in full sprint has convinced me that he’s got the inside track. Oh to be young again.

Episode Three: Virtute cheats at anarchist scrabble


Last night, during our wholesome Wednesday evening, we made maple caramel popcorn and played scrabble. Virtute tried to play “ljxtqvs” on a double-word score. We told him that would be cheating, and he just kept saying, “You can’t cheat at anarchist scrabble”. He refused to play the rest of the game and instead just stared at Jenny’s popcorn.

Episode One: Virtute teaches Craig about small talk


Today during my morning small talk session with Virtute, the cat, he expressed his sincere anxiety about not having all his Christmas shopping done. I told him not to worry, that as long as we were together as a family that’s all that counts. And that I’ve heard some people get started on their shopping all the way back in April. He said I wasn’t being helpful.